Let Owl Show You The Track!

Eliminate the risks! OWL identifies and localizes your satellite while providing valuable telemetry and health data. You can monitor exactly what is happening onboard your satellite, even if the platform is momentarily dysfunctional.

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How does OWL Work

The device inserts all the information in the beacon messages that are periodically downlinked through its radio.

The host satellite can forward its telemetry data and Health Flags defined toward OWL through a UART communication bus (optional).

Communication can work in both directions, allowing the host satellite to query some parameters from OWL, such as position data received by the GNSS (GPS).

It communicates with C3S’s ground station network (independently from the satellite).

It comes with a web service, so operators have real-time data access.

It has two operational modes, depending on the source of power: safe (powered by its battery) and nominal (powered by the satellite).

High-security access ensures that only verified users can access the user’s data.