Set the Control for Your Satellite!

Your satellite is too precious to lose, so spot and track it from the beginning of your mission. Integrate the TRL-9 Orbital Whereabout Locator on your spacecraft, get continuous and precise position signals, and enjoy the advantages of many additional features. Don’t let your satellite float uncontrolled in the dark any longer—let OWL light up your missions!

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OWL Serves Your Satellite in an Easy and Efficient Manner

Platform Independence

The product boasts a platform-independent design, ensuring compatibility and flexibility across various systems.

Spacecraft Compatibility

Designed to fit seamlessly into the Tuna Can of the spacecraft, it optimizes payload space without compromising functionality.

Independent Battery Operation

Equipped with its battery, the product can operate autonomously from the platform for at least 18 hours, ensuring reliability in critical situations.

Secondary Communication Subsystem

Features a secondary communication subsystem that provides ancillary data during commissioning, including angular velocity, location, and Total Ionizing Dose (TID).

Easy Integration

The product offers easy plug & play integration, requiring only four screws for full setup, simplifying the installation process.

Enhanced Data Gathering

Capable of gathering additional valuable health and telemetry data when connected to extra power sources from the satellite, enhancing its utility.

Collision Mitigation Contribution

Contributes significantly to the mitigation of accidental collisions, enhancing the safety and longevity of the satellite.

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OWL – Efficient CubeSat Identification and Mission Tracking

OWL – Efficient CubeSat Identification and Mission Tracking

On November 11th, 2023, the Platform 5 mission was launched, in which the developers of the 3U CubeSat can track the spacecraft from the moment of deployment using C3S’s OWL (Orbital Whereabout Locator) instrument. The new development, when installed on a satellite,...

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OWL – hatékony CubeSat azonosítás és követés

OWL – hatékony CubeSat azonosítás és követés

OWL – hatékony CubeSat azonosítás és követés A C3S egyik legújabb fejlesztésű terméke a műholdra szerelve, a saját pozíciója és azonosítója továbbításával segít azonosítani és követni az űreszközt közvetlenül az üzembe helyezés után. További...

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OWL is successfully launched!

OWL is successfully launched!

OWL is successfully launched! Welcome to the new era of efficiency & control C3S’s VHF locator and tracker instrument, OWL (Orbital Whereabout Locator), lifted off on November 11th …

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